Page update December 12, 2009 There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places. Luke 21:11 I BELIEVE the GLOBALISTS' EUGENICS PROGRAM HAS ALREADY BEGUN WORLD WIDE
Tamiflu Resistance, Vietnam H1N1 jump in H274Y High Attack Rate in Tamiflu Resistant Cluster in Vietnam. 10 students socialized together in the same train carriage in July 2009. None had contact with a sick person before the trip, none were symptomatic. Fever developed in four of the students within 12 hours after arrival and in two more students within 48 hours after arrival. Another flu case was identified in a traveler in a different carriage. All 7 persons tested positive for 2009 H1N1, all recovered, even though the treatment with Tamiflu had little value since they were Tamiflu resistant. This highlights the ease of transmission of H274Y. Human to human transmission also found in hospitals in North Carolina and Wales. 3 of 4 patients died in North Carolina. In the US, the detection of H274Y has recently increased almost 10 fold, signaling a crossing of a tipping point. Tamiflu Resistance Vietnam, recom Dec 10: Vietnam, recom Dec 11: Tamiflu Resistance, Netherlands H1N1 jump in H274Y Until this week were 11 patients diagnosed in the Netherlands, including 5 this week, with a New Influenza A (H1N1) virus that is resistant to the antiviral agent Tamiflu (oseltamivir) that such patients are treated. Four of these patients are deceased. The above translation highlights the dramatic jump in H274Y in the Netherlands, which is associated with a high case fatality rate. The number of cases with H274Y has almost doubled in the past week and the case fatality rate for the 11 cases is above 36%. This high rate raises concerns that isolates with H274Y also have receptor binding domain changes, leading to a high CFR. In France, two fatalities with D225G were identified, and one of the two had H274Y. These associations are creating increased concerns. Release of the sequences with H274Y would help determine if a new sub-clade is emerging with lethal markers like the D225N and D225G identified in Ukraine. Netherlands, recom Dec 11: AVOID the VACCINE!!!!! WHO warns of H5 bird flu combining with piggyflu. WHO is late with their info - and still wrong. FLYING PIG - bird-pig-human-1918 - flu virus were combined in a lab and have been loose since April 2009 I swear this is all leading to mandatory killer vax, quarantine, global dictatorship, martial law. Alcabes, associate public health professor at Hunter College's School of Health Sciences in New York said, There was never any evidence that this strain of flu was going to be a particularly dangerous strain. Russia warns about vaccine Dec 6 The influenza drug is neither safe nor helpful, and their manufacturers are already internationally under suspicion of corruption. There are serious allegations of corruption within the WHO. Russia warns about vaccine: IRONICLY, THIS VIRUS is CALLED - PESTIS H1N1 is a lab virus As this bio weapon spreads around the world and USA, I opened a third 'flu' page to WATCH. Aerial spraying occurred in Ukraine just before the disease broke out. In this page I have several nations of the world with a new disease breakout - including USA. In some cases what is WRONGLY being called 'flu' is haemorrhagic. Blog comment - A med friend said there is a new mutation that has a 50% mortality rate. UKRAINE DISEASE OUTBREAK, November 2009, my page: Swine - Avian FLU: FLU TRACKER MAP, click here: BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, click and listen as you read: H1N1 virus came from a lab: CHINA shoots down USA spray plane US CIA plane carrying a cargo of a mutated’swine flu virus intended for aerial spraying was shot down by China I HOPE SO! This may be total hoax, but I like the thought. CHINA shoots down USA spray plane, sorcha: IRAN - Millions have flu Dec 2 IRAN victims tested positive for the virus A/H1N1. 140 people died Iranian doctors warn of a new wave of swine flu after returning from the hajj in Saudi Arabia. The vaccine will be delivered to Iran soon. Meanwhile, authorities have closed hundreds of schools and universities, out of fear of the epidemic. ZC note - Some are suggesting looking into the MARBURG virus, similar to EBOLA. IRAN FLU: Canada 12 Die after H1N1 shot in Manitoba Nov 17 Manitoba health officials are investigating the deaths of two people who died within a week of getting the H1N1 vaccine shot. There have been 69 adverse events after people received the swine flu shot, and eight were considered serious. 2 die after shot, CBC: Children crowd Winnipeg ER with severe respiratory troubles, Dec 2: Nov 13 People dying in Canada. Fears of SARS bio weapon. ARS - acute respiratory syndrome. 61 dead as of Nov 12th. 24 dead in 72 hours in Ontario, Hospitals from coast to coast are swamped. One website mentioned Canada may close its borders 24 dead in 72 hours in Ontario: Photos, flu mystery spreads to several European nations: VANCOUVER, B.C. B.C.’s major hospitals are overflowing. If this is in BC it is likely also in Washington State USA. Some are suggesting looking into the MARBURG virus, similar to EBOLA. B.C. major hospitals overflowing with Flu patients, 42 on ventilators and ICU. Across Canada, hundreds have been admitted to hospital suffering from severe Flu complications, 1,300 admissions between Nov. 1 and 7 confirmed and suspected H1N1. Hundreds more have been admitted since then. 2 open heart surgeries postponed. Vancouver BC: Hungary Epidemic Dec 2 50,000 + sick, One doctor on a ventilator. No visitors allowed in hospitals. Dec 1 Chief medical officer Ferenc Falus in Budapest said 1.7 million were vaccinated against influenza in Hungary, about 50-70 thousand have flu. The new virus is a serious pneumonia, and cause of death due to heart, kidney failure. Some are suggesting looking into the MARBURG virus, similar to EBOLA. Hungary 1: Hungary 2: MURDER for PROFIT ANALYSIS - U.S., Russia, Baxter, Rockefeller, Flu Vaccines TAMIFLU dangerous link appears to be by a doctor. Read it before you take it or prescribe it. Dec 2 Some are suggesting looking into the MARBURG virus, similar to EBOLA. Some years ago I reported vaccines linked to Pentagon, Rumsfeld. This translated article is very long but interesting. She equates H1N1 with SARS as have others. H5 bird flu is coming next. That will be falsely called bird flu, just as H1 is falsely called pig. What we have had is HELLFLU and whats coming is HELL2 Here are my conclusions from her LONG article. I have edited her. Apparantly she concludes the plague was induced on the Ukraine population to sell Tamiflu and the influenza vaccine, and justify quarantines. That is easy for me to believe. She begins asking HOW can a component of rocket fuel cause pneumonia? Ukraine rages a strange pneumonia from which people die. Its tied to what she calls 'amyl' - a toxic component of rocket fuel for disposal in Russia. Avian Flu a Pentagon Hoax, my page: Implicating US-Russia, ukraine: TAMIFLU dangerous: Aerial spraying stories below, I am going to WATCH where spraying occurred, then disease broke out afterward. Nov 16 - Birds at a show in Wales UK suddenly dropped dead after aerial spraying. Nov 20 Tamiflu-resistant flu spreads in UK Wales hospital (TAMIFLU is worthless) IT is NOT SWINE - H1N1 - FLU!! Its a planned FRAUD! Nov 24 Most cases called flu ARE NOT flu, those which are flu ARE NOT swine flu. Only 17% is flu, and only a few of those is swine. WHY would CDC tells doctors to STOP counting swine flu? Because the CDC is controlled by the NWO and they want everyone to get the dangerous vaccines and implanted chips. Its a CONTROL issue. Sharyl Attkisson, CBS reporter, exposes swine flu FRAUD. CDC tried to block her. I include my own comments. Attkisson contacted all 50 states directly, asking for their statistics on state lab-confirmed H1N1 prior to the halt of individual testing and counting in July. She also asked states, one by one, to help explain the rationale behind the CDC’s decision to stop tracking H1N1 cases. They are either trying to over-represent the swine flu numbers or under-represent by not counting them anymore. Swine flu fraud, Mercola: Nov 27 Worldwide Transmission of D225G There is a strong suggestion that D225G has spread worldwide. Worldwide Transmission of D225G, recom Nov 27: D225G Evades Immune Response, recom: Eugenics - Population reduction All the ducks are in a row Nov 25, 2009 I dont trust this link, but some of the info parallels much of my thinking. This is a chilling blog wrapup of situation regarding the Swine flu scam and all the other evil plans. The development of the NWO has been underway for decades, and I declare an emergency, the final endgame. There is a clock ticking. Either a real pandemic emerges within the next 60 days, or the whole operation comes to nothing. I believe that too many arrangements have been made, too many ducks lined up, for that to be the outcome. The Shock Doctrine says its better to go for the whole enchilada, pull out all the stops, while everyone is off balance from financial collapse. Among the ducks, we have global preparation for mass vaccinations, a WHO declaration of global emergency authorizing forced vaccinations and quarantines, a declaration of national emergency in the USA, enabling marital law at any moment, forced relocations, shutdown of communications and travel, and the turnover of government to Homeland Security. This level of official global emergency preparation is unprecedented, and it is totally out of proportion to H1N1, a very mild version of flu in the natural. But they have released a bio weapon - a whole new ball game. Wrapup of global flu now and coming, labvirus: Nov 27 2 fatal cases in France with D225G, one had Tamiflu resistance Over 1,000 in a week dying of 'Flu' Nov 28 The global number of swine flu deaths has jumped by more than 1,000 in a week. (Unofficial reports say much higher.) At least 7,826 people are now known to have died of H1N1 virus since April. Europe saw an 85% increase in the week, with the total number of deaths rising from 350 to at least 650. The biggest rise in deaths was recorded in the Americas, where the death toll rose to 5,360 - a rise of 554 cases in one week. Health authorities in Norway and France have each recorded two fatalities from D225G, a mutated strain of H1N1. China, Japan, Norway, Ukraine and the US have also recorded cases of people being infected with a mutated strain which affects the lungs. French health officials confirmed that two patients infected by a mutation that was also recently detected in Norway had died in two different cities in France. TAMIFLU useless on one of the patients who died in France. In most cases the virus has mild symptoms. Most recover within a week even without medical treatment. The WHO is unhelpful. (cough) 1,000 in a week, BBC: H1N1 Mutation China (the whole world!) must be alert to any mutation or changes in the behavior of the H1N1 virus because the far deadlier H5N1 virus is endemic in China (other places too). Both viruses could mix and become a monstrous hybrid both deadly and contagious. Hello? This combo with the 1918 virus has already been created in a biolab and released in several nations. Foxnews you are soooooooo behind! H1N1 Mutation, fox: Belarus also has Hemorrhagic Pneumonia November 24, Emails, blog I am so surpised that they do not even tell anything to people. There is just a glamorous flourishing prosperity on Belarus TV. People die without knowing anything and without the necessary treatment or medicines. The main boss is busy with his political games and with some economic issues, that's all. His parents both doctors in Gomel, south of Belarus. Me and my friend are exchanging news in English, here is what he has written yesterday ------------ I briefly chatted with Dad today and he said that the situation is still escalating. There's no reliable official data but in the Gomel region alone apparently over 200 people have died to date of various types of respiratory complications. They are talking about the pandemic. The hospitals are overcrowded and every day in Gomel close to 600 people reporting to emergency rooms and as you can only guess how prepared the system is to deal with the situation. He said people under 60 years old are being particularly vulnerable to the virus and having most deadly outcomes. So avoid crowds and sanitize hands and everything you touch. --------- Vitebsk is a little bigger than Gomel. The real number in Belarus would be thousands. Several people were also dead among her parents surrounding. I am OK. I am in my apartment always and it is like a jail, I am not going out at all for 3 weeks already, just to carefully get some food once a week. Belarus situation, blog: Pneumonic plague is also in Belarus: Ukraine Norway China - same mutation Nov 25 The same flu mutation has been found in both fatal and mild cases elsewhere, including in Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, and the United States, said the WHO. 3 such cases in China that occurred in June and July that were similar to the cases in Norway. Ukraine Norway China - same mutation, recom: Scientist Repeats Swine Flu Lab-Escape Claim in Published Study: Black Lung Plague Sweeps Europe Nov 26 The new disease originating in the Ukraine and slowly spreading through Europe is said to be very similar to the 1918 flu that killed millions. We dont believe its H1N1 swine flu. Neither do we know what kind of pneumonia it is. The epidemic is killing doctors. Poland wants the EU to act. A doctor in Western Ukraine who did not want to be named, said, We have carried out post mortems on two victims and found their lungs are as black as charcoal. They look like they have been burned. Its terrifying. This pneumonic plague is a combination of 3 different types of flu strains. Its being called black lung because in x rays of victims their lungs are black. The black lung is being called some sort of viral pneumonia and is said to be very aggressive killing hundreds of people. Universities, schools and kindergartens have been closed, public meetings have been banned and theaters shut. Last week several border crossings in the country were also closed. Slovakia closed two of five border crossings. Black Lung Plague Sweeps Europe:
Watch for Possible Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Cases Physicians Asked by CDC to be on the Lookout for Possible Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Cases Among Influenza Patients. In all but the Ukraine, it is not causing hemorrhagic pneumonia (except maybe Iowa, but even there we have reports of unusual low flying aircraft). That is a good indication that something else is happening. Also, the spread of hemorrhagic pneumonia seems to have stopped and the real spike in new non-hemorrhagic cases seems to have stopped. Euro blog Nov 23: Chicago offers LIVE vaccine at airports November 27, 2009 This is insane! It will spread this plague to everyone on the plane - and all their destinations! Travelers at Chicago airports will have the option of stopping to get a flu virus up their nose. Airport vaccine, pp: Des Moines, IOWA, USA Blood in lungs found in IOWA U.S.A. There was spraying in that area earlier. Iowa recently allowed SIN - homo same-sex marriage. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I made another webpage - GLOBAL DISEASE OUTBREAKS in ohter nations and aerial spraying. I put it on a blog site for others comments. here is one blog comment ... A med friend said there is a new mutation that has a 50% mortality rate. Report that FLORIDA also has hemorrhagic pneumonia - its NOT flu. IOWA hemorrhagic pneumonia, Dr Schmuck: GLOBAL DISEASE OUTBREAKS and aerial spraying, my NEW page: November 23, 2009 This is NOT hemorrhagic H1N1, which is what the WHO has claimed. Polk County Medical Examiner says number of H1N1 deaths is really higher than that reported. He has performed autopsies where the patient has very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them (Dr. Gregory Schmunk). The doctor also says some patients have false negatives to the H1N1 test. Of course, if something else (like a sprayed biotoxin) is causing the hemorrhagic cases (and that person does not also have H1N1) the test would be negative. Dr. Schmunk said ALL of the patients that had hemorrhagic lungs tested negative for H1N1. It was the television reporter who made the connection to Swine Flu, not him. There have been no new hemorrhagic cases, in Des Moines, for almost two weeks. The lungs were not black as reported in the Ukraine. Medical examiners across the country are reporting some hemorrhagic lungs. Is a new pandemic breaking out in IOWA? Nov 23 Polk County Coroner said - We are Seeing Very Heavy, Wet Hemorrhagic Bloody Lungs (Iowa Pneumonic Plague?) H1N1 Deaths Understated, Medical Examiner Says He has Autopsied Undiagnosed Patients. In the autopsy, what we are seeing is very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them, said Dr. Gregory Schmunk. H1N1 Deaths Understated, Polk Cty Med examiner youtube: H1N1 Deaths Understated, KCCI Iowa news: Euro blog Nov 23: TEXAS - Cluster Raises Concerns of 1918 Repeat November 23, 2009 Recombinomics Commentary H1N1 related deaths in Nacogdoches County. A 53-year-old oil rig worker from Enid, Oklahoma died, so did his roommate, a 55-year-old oil rig worker from Mississippi. Recent reports out of Ukraine has raised concerns that H1N1 with the receptor binding domain change D225G, is such a virus. Ukraine has reported 388 pneumonia deaths in November, 90 cases which involved total destruction of both lungs. Recently released sequences from Mill Hill in London included 4 fatal cases and all four cases had D225G. D225G was identified during the 1918 pandemic in lung samples from victims in New York in 1918 and London in 1919. Many of the fatal cases in the United States have also involved ARDS and hemorrhagic lungs, raising concerns that isolates with high levels of D225G can produce the increasing levels of such fatalities being reported throughout the northern hemisphere, including cases in Norway. Since the D225G can circulate as a mixture, transmission and lung targeting can be facilitated by pseudo-typing. Moreover, D225G was identified in the vaccine target, A/California/7/2009, indicating claims of spontaneous mutations in patients in Norway and Ukraine are false. The increasing number of deaths, including the cluster described in Texas raises concerns that D225G is gaining traction. More sequencing of samples near lung tissues in severe and fatal cases would be useful. TEXAS - Fatal H1N1 Cluster, recom: German Doctors Vaccine Warning German Doctors issued a warning of the significant health risks of mass Pandemrix vaccinations, especially for pregnant women and children. At least 7 people have died after taking the shot in Germany so far. Pharma companies have been given immunity for any deaths or damage that their vaccines cause. EVIL!! The squalene adjuvant causes a proinflammatory response, activates the immune system and is immunogenic when taken as a subcutaneous or intramuscular injection and can provoke autoimmune diseases such as those found among US and UK soldiers who took squalene as part of the anthrax vaccine. German Doctors warning: AVOID ALL VACCINES! Pregnant women should NOT be vaccinated!! U.S. health authorities have made pregnant women a high priority to get the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, but miscarriage reports after the shot are pouring in from all over the nation. The vaccines are unsafe for pregnant women and children under 6 months of age. MUCH info on this forum link VACCINE INGREDIENTS Reply #88: Dont Take the Swine Flu Jab, humorous video: Vaccine ingredients: Cell-based vaccine to begin production in USA Nov 24, 2009 Novartis has opened the first U.S. plant to produce flu vaccines using cell cultures. Vaccines have been cultured in egg cells in the past - the safest. Now they will be cultured in the cells of animals or babies who have been killed in abortions. This is NOT safe. Culturing of cells derived from multicellular eukaryotes, especially animal cells. They call humans 'animals' so this could refer to babies. 0bama approved using babies for experiments in USA. Cell lines that originate with humans have been somewhat controversial in bioethics, as they may outlive their parent organism and later be used in the discovery of lucrative medical treatments. (wiki) Cell-based vaccine to begin production in USA: HHS reports on cell-based pandemic vaccines, CIDRAP: GARDASIL vaccine is killing and harming many kids! Nano-Microchips Inside Vaccines THIS IS ALREADY BEING USED. Nano-microchips invisible to the naked eye are a reality that are already being used. Are there nano-microchips in vaccines to tag and surveil global populations? Nano-Microchips Inside Vaccines: They want to culture the flu vaccine in cells from aborted babies. It will change people's DNA. It is both dangerous to you and immoral to profit from murder. People Who Get a Seasonal Flu Shot are Twice as Likely to Catch Swine Flu, Dr Mercola ILL with flu after contact with a vaccinated person. I am getting PERSONAL reports of others becoming ill after contact with someone who got the flu shot. Schools are giving kids vaccines WITHOUT PARENTS PERMISSION. It is NO ACCIDENT. Where is this New 'flu' November 19 ukraineplague - WHO reports are likely false. 17% of the people are sick in Norway, infections reported in Sweden, Bulgaria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Northern Ireland, Turkey, Finland, Ukraine, Moldova, Iceland, Ireland and the Russian Federation. Nov 21 Sri Lanka (India) 3 out of five dead patients were pregnant women. They claim swine flu. November 12 - 900,000 infected in NORWAY. Reports it is also in PAKISTAN Nov 7 Reports of pneumonic plague in Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, and Hungary
. Nov 7 H1N1 has spread into Bulgaria, Turkey and Italy. Are these 2 bugs combining? Its likely! New 'flu' same as 1918 Nov 21 Doctors MUST report only swine flu - no other diagnosis is allowed by law in several nations. It is NOT swine flu. This is a good wrapup of the Ukraine illness. Distraction from soon attack on Iran? So what happened in Ukraine, blog wrapup: Nov 21 Sri Lanka (India) 3 out of five dead patients were pregnant women. They claim swine flu. The 1918 virus is in UKRAINE and Norway This disease is mutating, spreading to MANY other countries - TAMIFLU RESISTANT! Dr. Anthony Morris, virologist at the FDA, states that - There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway. Many links and MUCH information on plague page. TAMIFLU dangerous link appears to be by a doctor. Read it before you take it or prescribe it. TAMIFLU dangerous: Ukraine FLUMONIA plague, November 2009: 24 dead in 72 hours in Ontario: Ukraine plague pp blog 1: AUTOPSY REPORT HEMORRHAGIC LUNG DEATHS in IOWA, pp: Virus same as 1918: UKRAINE Situation has stabilized Is it over? - or only beginning? Various quarantines and other protective measures to be lifted November 24, 2009 Latest official numbers from Ukraine November 24, 2009 Nearly 400 Reported Dead, 99,661 Hospitalized, 1,679,237 sick Re-infections in West Virginia USA recom nov 24: H1N1 Re-infections Raise Pandemic Concerns, Nov 25: Media LIES to you, report: D225G Swine Flu 1918 mutations Same receptor as 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic found in Ukraine virus. A key question is where did the change come from. Some serious people believe this to be a type of binary biowar attack, with the original A/H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu being one-part and a second 'donating virus' supplying the 'recombination' material to raise the virus to a much more dangerous level. The purpose of using a "binary virus" is to hide behind a plausible deniable cover - LIE - that It is a natural virus that is mutating. Same receptor as 1918 Spanish flu, Nov 23: Euro blog Nov 23: Spontaneous Mutation Media Myth November 24, 2009 Recombinomics The WHO reported - the mutations appear to occur sporadically and spontaneously. To date, no links between the small number of patients infected with the mutated virus have been found and the mutation does not appear to spread. The WHO claims are not based on reality. The above comment from the WHO briefing on D225G (aka D222G) in Norway describes how the mutations appear. However, this appearance is based on an outdated view of influenza evolution, which maintains that all newly acquired drift mutations are based on copy errors. For D225G, this would require the same copy error to occur again and again on multiple backgrounds, which simply is not reality based. Although the random mutation explanation is one of the basic tenets of the WHO and CDC view of influenza evolution, this explanation is only viable in the absence of data. Extensive influenza sequence data moved this hypothesis into the indefensible category years ago, but it remains at the core of WHO explanations of drift variants, such as the comments above. Thus, in Norway and Ukraine the same copy error would have been made in all 7 patients with D225G. The likelihood that the same error happens again and again becomes untenable. Spontaneous Mutation Media Myth, recom:
DISEASE OUTBREAKS and aerial spraying Combining fact and conspiracy theory. WATCH areas sprayed to see what, if anything, develops. Birds drop dead during show
Nov 16 Dozens of budgies dropped dead from their perches during a North Wales country show. Birds have highly-sensitive respiratory systems and were once used down mines to detect gas leaks. The birds dropped off perches like dominoes. An autopsy on two casualties revealed they died from congestion and haemorrhaging of the lungs. QUESTION - Was any aerial spraying observed in this area on or prior to November 16th? Birds drop dead during show, UK: Tamiflu-resistant flu spreads in UK Wales labvirus said THIS is why WHO would not release sequences - TAMIFLU is WORTHLESS, as I have said. Nov 20 IT IS NOT SWINE FLU! Health officials say a Tamiflu-resistant strain of swine flu has spread between hospital patients. 5 patients at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff were infected. 3 appear to have acquired the infection in hospital, 2 recovered. There have been several dozen reports around the world of people developing resistance to Tamiflu while taking the drug. TAMIFLU is not only WORTHLESS, it is DANGEROUS! Tamiflu-resistant swine flu spreads, BBC: Patients spreading drug-resistant flu, Wales: Tamiflu Resistant Cluster in Wales UK, recom: WHO Confirms D225G in Lung Cases in Norway and Ukraine Nov 20, recom: TAMIFLU dangerous link appears to be by a doctor. Read it before you take it or prescribe it. TAMIFLU dangerous: Wisconsin, USA SPRAYING Received email from Platteville, Wisconsin Small aircraft made 2 or 3 passes over my house. This morning, I awakened to check the Weather Channel Internet Service. Our town has not had a single case of flu, or Swine flu symptoms. I will be curious to see what transpires after this. The following was posted by the National Weather Service from LaCrosse, WI Wisconsin Air Quality Warning (After Low flying Planes Last Night) Nov. 22, 2009 - 1:25 pm CST, Issued by The National Weather Service, LaCrosse, WI AIR QUALITY ALERT IN EFFECT UNTIL MIDNIGHT CST MONDAY NIGHT. THE WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES HAS ISSUED AN AIR QUALITY WATCH FOR PARTICULATES IN EFFECT UNTIL MIDNIGHT CST MONDAY NIGHT. A STAGNANT AND INCREASINGLY DIRTY AIR MASS WILL INTENSIFY OVER THE UPPER MIDWEST DURING THE NEXT SEVERAL DAYS. THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT PARTICLE POLLUTION CONCENTRATIONS WILL REACH UNHEALTHY LEVELS FOR PEOPLE IN SENSITIVE GROUPS FOR COUNTIES ACROSS THE SOUTHERN TWO-THIRDS OF WISCONSIN. MEMBERS OF SENSITIVE GROUPS MAY EXPERIENCE HEALTH EFFECTS. THE GENERAL PUBLIC UNLIKELY TO BE AFFECTED. Platteville, Wisconsin spraying, blog: Istanbul, TURKEY Nov 24 Report of spraying over the Istanbul area Nov 20. I spoke to someone whose father and brother became sick Nov 23. HE DID NOT KNOW anything about sprayed virus. This is a firsthand report - but how widespread any illness is, I dont know. So far no coughing blood. HAJJ to Mecca WATCH Muslim Haj in Saudi Arabia NOW. Haj ends around November 27, so I suppose they would spray that day, as incubation time appears to be only 2 or 3 days. Islam's Haj could spread diseases worldwide this year. Some being vaccinated ahead of trip. The Islamic Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia from all over the world occurs yearly. Rare rain threatens Haj - that would be a great blessing if the NWO planned to spray them with bugs! International visitor numbers might not be affected, but a 40% drop in local pilgrims is likely. Saudi Arabia has deployed thousands of troops as millions of Muslims from around the world start their 5 day Hajj pilgrimage. The authorities have warned people not to stage protests and will use force if necessary. Saudi security high as Hajj pilgrimage begins : Swine flu fears hit Hajj, BBC: Flu fears harass Haj: Nov 21 Saudi Arabia - 4 deaths among pilgrims, a woman from Morocco and men from Sudan and India in their 79s. NOT confirmed H1N1. 3 million Muslims perform Haj every year, including 2 million who travel from abroad. Barak Hussein Obama bought shares in Baxter Labs in 2005. What did he know - and when did he know it? Good Links on diseases for you to surf recombinomics whats new: Europe warnings, blog: Ukraine blog updated several times a day: Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda: WHO Continues to Deceive, AJ: WARNING on H1N1 Vaccine Deaths: Correlation between Chemtrails and epidemics: Ukraine plague pp blog: AUTOPSY REPORT HEMORRHAGIC LUNG DEATHS in IOWA, pp blog 2:

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