Oct 15 - 25, 2008 ZionsCRY NEWS ZionsCRY ARCHIVE of TOPICS and past issues:
Israel Exit Golan DONT DO IT! DO NOT DO IT! Oct 20 Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights. US President George W. Bush suggested to Syrian President Bashar Assad that Israel would withdraw from the Golan Heights in exchange for a complete disbandment of the Syria-Iran alliance. The offer was made in a secret letter from Bush delivered to Assad by Palestinian Chief Terrorist Abbas during his recent visit to Damascus. Israel leave Golan, ynet: Sever ties with Iran and take Golan, IsraelNN: Israel on high missile alert Oct 19 Israeli towns encircling the Gaza Strip went on high missile alert after intelligence revealed that Hamas terrorists are preparing to shoot missiles again. Hamas demands that Egypt reopen Gaza's Rafah crossing. Palestinians figure Israel will take a fresh missile barrage lying down. DONT BE SUCKERS, ISRAEL! ARISE! 4 devices were rigged to blow up in sequence near Gaza a few days ago, and a fifth bomb just inside Gaza was to detonate when Israeli rescue teams came. Israel on high missile alert, DEBKA: Israeli police storm Al-Aqsa Mosque Oct 21 Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem were threatened by a group of Arab Muslims. Israeli Police evacuated the Jews after the Muslims began moving toward them, yelling out, "Allah Hu Akbar!" (god is Great, the Arabic war cry). (IsraelNN) A police unit rushed to help a group of Jewish visitors who entered the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. allah is satan. Muslims worship the devil calling him god. GOD is Yahwah (YHVH) and not allah. Musims riot: Rice warns Syria I dont like or trust this woman. Speak to the wind. No one is afraid of the USA. Oct 17 US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice pledged that Washington would "never permit Syria to intervene militarily in Lebanon." About 8,000 Syrian troops have been massed on the North Lebanese border since Sept 14th, causing great concern in Beirut and Jerusalem. Oct. 7 the 12th a Mechanized Division took up positions further south, opposite the Beqaa Valley, encircling half of Lebanon with Syrian troops. Lebanese pm Siniora sent an SOS to Washington for help against a possible Syrian invasion. DEBKA Russians, Syrians discuss missile shield Oct 18 Russia-Syria discussing missiles to be deployed around Syrian ports. US delivered weapons to Israel which were seen by Moscow as upsetting "the balance of forces." All this is a bunch of Russian excuses for war which could be the Gog-Magog war in Ezekiel 38. Russians, Syrians discuss missile shield, DEBKA: IRAN to Control USA if Obama Wins Iran claims they will have captured the White House if Barak Hussein Obama is elected, and Obama will be expected to acknowledge IRAN's standing as a regional power, and to acknowledge everything the other Muslims want him to. Washington DC and Jerusalem warn Israel to brace for a nuclear Iran attack in 2009. Iran mentions detonating a cargo vessel with a nuclear device in its hold opposite Tel Aviv, ISRAEL on the Mediterranean coast. The ship would reach the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal. An Iranian freighter MV Iran Deyant was hijacked on August 21. The Somali pirates who hijacked it died. It was an enormous floating dirty bomb heading for the Mediterranean. ZionsCRY pulled the above excerpts out of a very long email from WHBC whbc@coxinet.net October 24, 2008. Iran already attempted the ship thing! Humorously, pirates hijacked that ship, and died when they opened containers. Its hard not to laugh. DEATH SHIP, Sep 30: WMD ship, Oct 4: IRAQ WANT USA OUT Oct 19 Thousands marched in central Baghdad to protest a USA-Iraqi security agreement that would extend the presence of U.S. troops in the country after December 31, 2008. Muqtada al-Sadr called for the End the U.S. occupation of Iraq. America, get out. The demonstration was largely peaceful. U.S. troops are immune from Iraqi law and Baghdad has sought the power to arrest and try American troops and contractors who commit grave mistakes. The United States has insisted its troops and contractors remain immune from Iraqi law. IRAQ WANT USA OUT: US missile hits Pakistan school Oct 23 OUCH! A suspected US missile strike has killed 8 students at a religious school in Waziristan NW Pakistan. The school is close to the residence of a Taleban leader. At least two missiles, reportedly fired by pilotless US drones, hit the school. The US has made no comment. Bad situation. Pakistan is broke, needs western cash desparately. They also DONT want us inside their sovereign nation. They have nukes. US missile hits Pakistan school: CHINA Oct 23 One of China's most prominent human rights activists, Hu Jia, has won the European Parliament's prestigious Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. Red China is not happy. Hu is serving a jail term for inciting subversion of state (Communist) power. An angry Beijing had pressured parliament not to honour Mr Hu. INDIA - New Delhi bridge collapse Oct 17 A crane crashed on top of the bridge. Part of a bridge being built to extend New Delhi's metro rail system collapsed on a bus, killing its driver, 17 others were hurt. A crane lifting concrete slabs crashed on top of the Noida-Indraprastha bridge, tearing off a part of the structure. The 500-foot (150-meter) section of the bridge collapsed on a bus that was on its route on the road under the bridge. Video showed concrete slabs on top of a crumpled bus and the crane lying on its side. Rescue workers swarmed the rubble, trying to make sure all the victims were removed from the debris. New Delhi bridge collapse: Earthquakes Oct 16-24 Oct 17 7.4 Tonga, S Pacific 7.3 Kermadic islands, Russia, Pacific 6.5 Tonga 6.5 Indonesia 6.6 quake off Mexico Small quakes recorded in mid and south California Luke Thomas who measures the warming of air temperature is forecasting Los Angeles area - 5.9 earthquake October 20-23. San Francisco area - 5.7 earthquake likely October 22-25. There are some indications of a VERY LARGE quake in Sumatra soon. ZionsCRY - I respect Jim. BOTH Jim and Jack see quakes in the next few hours. While I take them seriously, predicting quakes is NOT an exact science. Knowing October is when quakes commonly occur, how much is guess? Quake Splits USA Dream Right up the middle of the American continent I saw a great split. It looked as if a huge bolt of lightning had broken the earth open from the east coast of Texas all the way up through the Midwest. It had smoke and fire rising up out of it. Then I looked over toward New York and surrounding states and saw a great area of darkness. Everything there seemed as if there was no light and no communication. I looked over toward California and saw a large area of land fall into the ocean there between California and New Mexico, covered with water and completely destroyed. Up around the areas of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming things were silent and still, it seemed to be a "safe" zone! There were volcanoes erupting in the north and great clouds of suffocating smoke were covering everything in their path. America was devastated! Then I saw a helicopter with the President on board and they were taking him to another "safe" area that had not been destroyed. This is where the President set up headquarters to run the country. Communications coming from Washington or the Pentagon were not working properly. Curfews were set all across America. Families were unable to communicate with each other because there were no communication devices working. No one knew if their family members in other states were dead or alive. Quake Splits USA: Russia attacks USA, we are blind, AAAllen vision: Duduman saw Russia attack USA, vision: Henry Gruver visions of Russia-China attacking USA: Omar storm Carribean - Omar is a storm with winds near 60 mph moving NE. Hurricane Omar weakened as it moved away from the Caribbean. The core of the storm passed between St Martin and the Virgin Islands. Omar grows into Category 3: Los Angeles Wildfire Oct 23 A brush fire has erupted in west Los Angeles near the Getty Center museum and all lanes of the 405 San Diego Freeway have been shut down in the area. Homes evacuated in a wildfire in San Bernardino County. Winds are pushing it west into the mountains and canyons of Rancho Cucamonga, where homes are being evacuated near a Buddhist Temple. Southern California is experiencing strong Santa Ana winds a week after similar conditions spurred several major wildfires. Oct 16 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles and Ventura counties as 2 huge wildfires driven by 60 mph Santa Ana winds burned into neighborhoods near Los Angeles, forcing evacuations. Firemen and water-dropping aircraft battled the Marek Fire at the NE end of the San Fernando Valley, and the Sesnon Fire at the west end. Dozens of mobile homes burned at the Marek Fire. The fire broke out Sunday in the Angeles National Forest and was 20% contained Sunday night. ktla.com Calif. wildfires, NBC: State of Emergency in Los Angeles: Los Angeles Wildfire again: Police prepare for unrest Police departments in cities across the country are beefing up their ranks for Election Day, preparing for possible civil unrest and riots. blacklistednews American Airlines Near Crash Oct 25 It does not appear to me that the pilot or the co-pilot had any idea what they were doing! The 185 passengers on an American Airlines 757 en route from Seattle to New York in September. The pilots switched to backup battery power because of a problem that occurred soon after takeoff. Those batteries supply power to the plane for only about 30 minutes, so 2 hours later the electrical systems in the cockpit and cabin began to fail because the batteries were drained. As Flight 268 made an emergency landing at Chicago Airport, vital systems to control the jet were not working, including some wing flaps. When the jet touched down, the engine thrust reversers did not work and it barreled down the runway, leaving a long trail of skid marks as the pilot pushed hard on the brakes to try to stop. American Airlines: More Chrysler Job Losses Chrysler is to cut about a quarter of its white collar workforce this year. Chrysler: GM bankrupt, Prepares for Layoffs General Motors is taking actions throughout its global operations to conserve cash, including additional layoffs and the suspension of payments into a stock savings plan. The changes are expected to eventually include changes to salaried employee benefits. The more people they fire, the less cars they sell and the more money they lose. They are in a downward spiral. GM and Ford could cease to exist. GM Prepares for Layoffs: Auto Industry Oct 20 GM - Chrysler push for a quick deal. Record low auto sales are spurring Big 3 U.S. automakers merger talks. General Motors considers a range of deals that could break up that company. GM, Ford and Chrysler are expected to put brands both in the United States and overseas up for sale. (Reuters) GMAC Headed for Bankruptcy By Ken Elias October 16, 2008 - GMAC will go bankrupt. GM's dealers have been hoodwinked by GM executives. INDIANA JOB OPPORTUNITY Full Time Repo Agents needed for Busy Repossession Company in the downtown area. This business is booming. If you need a job in the Indy area, you might want to check this posting on craig's list New world order After the economic 911, we will face a new world order. The financial collapse is an economic crisis, but its social and security implications are potentially just as severe as the Sept 11, 2001 attack on America. 911 was the beginning of AmeriKa. In this new order, we will doubtless see a different America, its decline will be fast. Economic strength is power, and the power lies with the globalists. Economic turmoil creates instability, chaos. The Great Depression of the 1930s created the conditions for the resurgence of fascism that culminated in the Second World War. Dictators use deprivation, frustration to spark violence and secure loyalty, dependence. Recession could also threaten existing military action. new world order, edited: 666 NWO Summit, 1 World Currency Saturday, October 18, 2008 NWO Financial Summit at Camp David TODAY. US President George W Bush and EU Chiefs meet for a 1 World Currency Conference this weekend in Washington DC. EU, USA call for Global Summit to reshape Global economy. NWO globalists want ONE world currency for all nations. World Summit in November. 666 Is Nearly Here. News commentator declares, "Europe wants to present a blueprint for new worldwide currency system " The IMF is discussing a one world currency for all nations. That was alarming, yet not a shock because I have read Daniel and Revelation. We live now in Revelation chapter 13 AO complete report October 18, 2008: NWO Summit at Camp David TODAY: David Wilkerson Economic Vision I compiled a lot of information to piece together what David Wilkerson has actually written in his books on the economy. It looks to me as if it could all come crashing down this year - even this month. 1 Peter 4 tells us how to prepare, be secure. There will be no final harvest until the latter rain. PRAY for the latter rains! David Wilkerson Economic Vision: End of All Things, David Wilkerson video: Points from a radio broadcast on economy 6 months til One world currency Stock market is RIGGED and MANIPULATED Retail sales showed decline in two years RUMOR - GM bankrupt Retail has collapsed, Christmas retail panicing Mexico is on the verge of social collapse and civil war. Warning to Shepherds! If YOU shepherd a group as pastor, deacon, bible study leader, READ Wilkerson's prophecy and WARN your people TODAY, in meetings, emails, phone - WARN them! WOE to the shepherd who will not warn the sheepl! I have seen several prophecies in the past years that the people will be so angry that their pastors did not warn them, that they will kill their pastors - and elected people! If you love 501c more than your sheep, GOD will judge you! WARN them to live in HOLINESS, and not tolerate SIN. Jesus Christ came to save us from our sin, not merely to comfort us in our sin! Call his name JESUS, for He shall save His people from their sins. Matthew 1:21 I have read pastors will be struck dead by GOD in their pulpits. I have minimized this til now, but now you had best warn them or else. Even now is almost too late. Prepare in your heart, in prayer, in study of the Bible, listen to the Lord Jesus Christ. Depending how you interpret David's warning, people may only have THIS WEEK to get ALL their money out - this includes churches. PRAY for DISCERNMENT - NOW! We live in Revelation 13 NOW. Once warned its up to them to act or not. You are clear per Ezekiel 3 This link is to last weeks ZionsCRY where I sum up what you must tell them. One link is David's website. There are emails saying things David DID NOT say and he has disavowed them. I emailed Wilkerson but I got no answer. Wilkerson warns of financial collapse ZC: Set the Trumpet to thy mouth, blog: ECONOMIC WARNING, David Wilkerson website: Getting Ready for the End of All Things David Wilkerson October newsletter He does not address Iceland but he does address prepare. I believe NO OTHER NEWS is as URGENT as this! How to prepare for this crisis Stay calm, no need to panic. The Lord provides for His own. Prepare your heart. If thats not right, no other preps will help. Remain in prayer continually. PRACTICE MERCY AND LOVE. FORGIVE THEIR SINS. Forgive anyone you have a grudge against. Make sure you have nothing in your heart that hinders the lfow of God's Spirit. SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS JUST AHEAD! Oct 24 - Dow DOWN 312 Oct 23 - Dow UP 172 Oct 22 - Dow DOWN 514 Oct 21 - Dow DOWN 232 Oct 20 - Dow UP 413 Oct 17 - Dow Down 127 after a wild roller coaster day Oct 16 - Dow UP over 401 Oct 15 - Dow Down 733 Oct 14 - Dow Down 76 Oct 13 - Dow UP over 900 - DONT BE FOOLED Oct 13 There was almost NO stock trading, it was UP only because of the world money poured in as the capitalist system is purchased by the NWO dictators preparing for a global dictatorship. SOCIALISM! $250 billion went to 9 of the nation's largest U.S. banks to guarantee new debt issues and deposit accounts used by businesses, BofA, JP Morgan, Citi and Wells Fargo to get the most cash. Play ball with Evil and Evil will help you, resist and perish. If this is not Revelation 13 I dont know what is. We live in Rev 13. The government is making clear it expects banks to lend out these funds. Fed also demands banks keep people in homes even tho they cant afford them. SOCIALISM! Oct 23 Brazil and asia markets DOWN. Brazil's stockmarket, the biggest in Latin America, automatically suspended when the main index plunged 10% BLACK FRIDAY 6:00 am Oct 24 Circuit Breakers Blew BEFORE Dow opened. Doug McIntosh thought there would be a 1,000 point drop on the Dow Oct 24 - and said if there had not been Federal money manipulating the stock market, it would have crashed. Pray what it means to you. Circuit Breakers Blew Already, bloom: Market Crash Circuit Breakers Blew Already, blog: David Wilkerson vision, tree post: Britain in Financial Trouble Oct 24 Britain now has a currency crisis on its hands, too. FTSE in meltdown, and now the pound crashes. Stock market crashes, banks going bust, recession, how much else can go wrong? The pound tumbled below $1.53 against the dollar in its biggest drop in at least 37 years. Britain's GDP shrank by 0.5% in the three months to September. Britain: UKRAINE in Financial Trouble UKRAINE Oct 23, 2008 - Email to ZionsCRY Hello. I very much enjoy your newsletter, I check it everyday. Please see this blog blog.kievukraine.info: from Kiev, Ukraine. This man tells the real news behind the scene of what is happing in Ukraine. It needs IMF money now, $15 Billion USD's, or dire consequences will happen soon. Their money has suffered big loss, over 20% in the past few months. If no IMF bailout, the country might also default like Iceland and Pakistan! (name deleted) EXCERPT I pulled from the blog Ukraine In For Tough Times, Oct 23: KIEV, Ukraine - Construction cranes have stopped swinging and thousands of steel workers face layoffs as Ukraine braces for a severe economic downturn. The national currency, the hryvna, is plummeting, amid a run on banks and soaring demand for foreign exchange. Ukraine is being hit harder than other former Soviet states by the global financial crisis. October 23 the Ukrainian currency plunged against the dollar. It has lost over 20% since September. Ukraine was already short on foreign currency, as demand for steel plunged. Pakistan Bankrupt Oct 22 Pakistan is the second country after Iceland to ask the IMF for help against its looming balance of payments crisis. Pakistan is the first Muslim country to turn to the IMF. Pakistan has 60-80 nuclear warheads. Bankruptcy would make it impossible for Pakistan to guard them. The value of the rupee is in freefall, making food and other staples unaffordable. The IMF is expected to approve a rescue package against outflow of cash as investors clean out their accounts in Pakistani banks. The level of cash reserves barely covers one month's imports. David Wilkerson warned about USA bank crisis 2 weeks after a foreign country went 'belly up.' Pakistan is broke, debka: David Wilkerson vision, tree post: Argentina to take over pensions Oct 21 Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez has signed a bill that will nationalise the country's 10 private pension funds. The move will put the government in control of almost $30bn (18bn) of investments and is aimed at protecting them from the global market turmoil. Shares slumped amid fears of the move's impact and critics accused the government of trying to grab the funds. As the 10 private pension funds are the country's largest institutional investors, the announcement also hit the value of the peso and Argentine bonds. The "failed experiment" of private pensions is finished. Union leaders are delighted. Argentina to take over pensions: CREDIT-DEBIT CARD TROUBLES CARRY CASH AT ALL TIMES! Especially grocery stores. BIG CHANGES. 1 - Several people are having very frustrating troubles trying to use their CHARTER ONE and CHASE BANK ATM cards. 2 - Everything shut down except credit, even the food cards from the state. Our card failed as debit but worked as credit. The teller said it had happened earlier in the day as well. Powder-Laced Letters Sent to Banks Oct 22 Who is taking the bets on a Halloween prank? More than 30 powder-laced letters sent to Chase bank branches may be an extreme backlash over the nation's financial crisis. All the suspicious mail that has been tested has turned out to be harmless. These powder letters were mailed to Chase bank branches in 9 cities. Initial tests on the powder proved negative for poison. 8 harmless calcium letters turned up in Oklahoma. HEY! We should all be taking calcium. (smile) Possible suspects near Amarillo, Texas, where the letters were postmarked. The letters were mailed to Chase bank branches in or near Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, Dallas, Denver, Newark, N.J., New York City, Oklahoma City and Washington. They all appear to be from the same source and began showing up at the banks Oct 20th. Nine branches in New Jersey and a Chase credit card center in Elgin, NW of Chicago Illinois. Most of these letters contain a powder substance with a threatening communication, based on past actions of the bank and implied that the opener was going to die. Powder-Laced Letters Sent to Banks: AMERO .. I dont think thats real money - or ever will be, I dont know. I guess the AMERO coins are gold, so have value The LAST PRESIDENT EXCERPT of a dream by J. R. Nyquist, February 19, 2004 I dreamed I saw the future presidents of the United States. Their portraits were lined side by side from left to right. The first in order was Ronald Reagan who had just been elected. The second was George H. W. Bush. The next two faces I did not recognize. An old man was present in the dream and I turned to him. "Where are the others?" I asked, wanting to see the rest of the future presidents. "There are no others. After these the Republic ends," he replied. ZC - I cant say I 'like' this dream, but I believe it. The LAST PRESIDENT: JR Nyquist website: Email to me There seems to be a mass hypnosis going around. My husband has made comments about this looking like Germany of Hitler. People here have lost their minds and have fallen into some sort of psychotic mania. The last 12 US presidents vision Interesting vision prediction of coming presidents from 1971 As you read, compare with Revelation. There can be SO MANY interpretations! Possibilities are endless. The 12th and LAST house - remember, the Islamic symbol is a crescent - semi circle. HELLary Clinton is a witch, the shadow govt / illuminati / NWO / globalists are all deep into witchcraft in one form or other. The 3 websites have their interpretations - interesting. 'This is the last house that I saw in this vision of the night. After this house was a dirt path that lead toward a collection of boulders arraigned in a semi circle' 'In the ruins of these boulders I found a witch doll.' 'I saw a man emerge from what I perceived to be a "temple fortress" who was dressed in a diplomatic suit and carrying a briefcase. A voice said "He claims to be God, but is a devil.' I thought of Barak Hussein Obama striding out of his Greek temple in August 2008 These 3 links are the same vision. I DO NOT endorse these websites!! The last 12 US presidents vision 1: The last 12 US presidents vision 2: The last 12 US presidents vision 3: Barak Hussein Obama is literally a bastard Obama is a total FRAUD! Obammy in Hawaii Obammy was in Hawaii and spent an hour with his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham. He returned to USA Friday. Darn. KHNL.com Obama's relatives swear they were present when Barack was born in Kenya. With all the evidence available at this time, its clear that Barak Hussein Obama is ineligible to be president as he is not a natural-born citizen of the USA. Obama's grandma confirms Kenyan birth Is Obama in Hawaii to kill his Granny? Read this HEAR Michael Savage with Philip Berg on Obama birth cert AUDIO, CLICK HERE: Obama switched at birth: Obama's grandma confirms Kenyan birth: Corsi probing Obama's Hawaiian birth: A Washington State lawsuit has been filed demanding the WA Sec of State to VERIFY Obama's eligibility to serve before certifying him for the ballot. The CIA and FBI know BHussein Obama is illegal, but cannot do anything about it because there is no mechanism for these agencies to intervene Nimrod .. Judas .. Obama The beast that thou sawest WAS, and is not and SHALL ASCEND OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT, and go into perdition. Nimrod .. Judas .. Obama .. did the same demon fathered all 3? This is very long but fascinating. Nimrod .. Judas .. Obama: Is Obama The Coming Antichrist? Obama has chosen images that closely resemble Islam's red crescent. He actually believes he is god! Can it be that Sinator Barack Hussein Obama is THE Antichrist foretold in the Bible? Are we witnessing the public coming to power of the Antichrist? Obama is not a naturally born citizen of the United States Obama was selected at the very highest levels of the global Illuminati Obama has strong ties to the Communist Illuminati The illuminati knew about the birth certificate issue before they put Obama up for President. They plan and work decades in advance and in great detail and could have created a birth certificate so genuine that no expert could have spotted it to be a forgery. Since this loose end was left dangling, you have to conclude that the Illuminati wanted this issue to pop up at this time. The illuminati loves to deliberately create confusion and then they step in to offer their solution, which is the plan for change they wanted in the first place! Is Obama The Coming Antichrist?: Obama admits Kenyan birth Obama Should Immediately Withdraw his Candidacy for President. Obama and the DNC Admit All Allegations of Federal Court Lawsuit Obama's "Not" Qualified to be President - www.obamacrimes.com Philip J. Berg, who filed a lawsuit demanding Sen. Barack Hussein Obama present proof of his American citizenship, now says that by failing to respond Obama has legally admitted to the lawsuit's accusations, including the charge that the Democratic candidate was born in Mombosa, Kenya, AFRICA. Berg filed suit in U.S. District Court in August, 2008 alleging that Obama is not a natural-born citizen and is thus ineligible to serve as president of the United States. Though Obama has posted an image of a Hawaii birth certificate online, Berg demands that the court verify the original document, which the Obama campaign has not provided. (That birth cert. has been conclusively PROVEN to be a forgery.) Joe Biden warned that Obama's lack of experience would create an appearance of weakness that would encourage opponents to challenge the United States. Biden warned that being president is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training and affirmed that he had described Obama as lacking the necessary experience. Obama himself had expressed the opinion that he wasn't qualified to run for the presidency after he was elected to the U.S. Senate from Illinois in late 2004 Obama's ties to Kenya Corsi said there will be commercials about Obama not being a US citizen and Obama-Odinga 2 weeks before election. That should begin THIS WEEK. I wonder if the networks will run these. If they do it means the NWO only wanted Obama to start race hate and riots like the 60s only worse - which David Wilkerson predicted in 1973. They never did intend him to be president. Obama has definitely started the fires of race hatred! Obama's Kenya Ghosts, MUST READ!! Obama's Kenya Ghosts: Obama admits Kenya birth: Obama blog: Obama disqualified himself: Obama a socialist: Obama tied to Kenya terrorist: Radio host scolded over Obama coverage: Obama Tied to Terrorists, Corsi What's Obama hiding from us? Hal Lindsey A second lawsuit has been filed demanding Barack Obama produce evidence that he is a natural-born U.S. citizen in the form of certified copies of birth documents. Who in their right mind would try and pull off something like running for president of the United States on forged documents? CORSI IS VOTING FOR BALDWIN. Inside story on Obama and Kenya. Jerome Corsi went to Kenya where Barak Obama was born and was badly mistreated. Inside story on Obama and Kenya: What's Obama hiding from us? Hal Lindsey: The evils of Obama: Questions about Obama's citizenship: 2nd lawsuit challenges Obama's citizenship WHY WONT RUSH LIMBAUGH, SEAN HANNITY, NEAL BOORTZ, GLENN BECK TELL AMERIKA? Obama has not allowed independent or official access to his birth records nor supporting hospital records. A lawsuit filed Oct. 9 in Washington State Superior Court calls for Secretary of State Sam Reed to determine whether Obama is a citizen before Election Day. Records show Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen. In a second lawsuit challenging Barack Obama's "natural born" citizenship, a Washington resident is demanding officials review original or certified birth documents. Marquis referenced Pennsylvania lawsuit in September in the U.S. District Court against Obama and the DNC for proof of Obama's American citizenship. Obama failed to respond, and instead filed a motion to dismiss, arguing AmeriKa has no right to know. 2nd lawsuit challenges Obama's citizenship: Questions about Obama's citizenship: Obama was part of Kenya takeover strategy Barak Obama will turn AmeriKa into Islamic law in 6 months! Oct 16 Within 6 months of becoming president Odinga would rewrite the Kenya Constitution to recognize Shariah as the only true law. Then he killed hundreds of Christians. When Demoncrat presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama visited Kenya on a "fact-finding" trip in 2006, he supported this terrorist who left 1,000 dead. Obama was part of Kenya takeover strategy, Corsi: Bush's Martial Law Plan Bush's Martial Law Plan is so shocking even Congress can't see it. Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right. President Bush's post-terror attack martial law plan is so shocking that even sitting members of Congress and Homeland Security officials are barred from viewing it. DeFazio is on the Homeland Security Committee and has clearance to view classified material, but he was denied all access to view the documents. New legislation signed on May 9, 2007, declares that in the event of a "catastrophic event", the President can take total control over the government and the country, bypassing all other levels of government at the state, federal, local, territorial and tribal levels, and thus ensuring total unprecedented dictatorial power. Bush's Martial Law Plan, pp: Signs Are All Around Us RAPTURE It is startling that bible schools dont teach prophecy today! I heard it constantly growing up in the church! This is an interesting article, worth reading. After GOD told him something, he contacted men to see if what GOD said was true! NEVER DO THAT! Signs Are All Around Us RAPTURE, AoG Minister Nathan Leal: Greetings Saints and Brethren. I have a huge burden. What I need to share it not easy. So I guess I will just say it. The financial news for the world looks grim. Earthquakes, Cyclones, Food Rationing, Rumours of war (with Iran), what's going on? I am starting to hear the "D" word, Depression! I do not like that! Am I prepared for a depression! I am a Bible believing minister of God. And because I am a minister I have been digging into the recent world events. I have also been digging into prophecy for over 25 years. So I asked myself, are we seeing prophecy happening before our eyes? What's Next? Where are we in the Timeline? If we are witnessing prophecy, where are we in the timeline? It is very easy to spit out the traditional Christian answer, "Yes, we are in the end times, and Jesus is about to rapture all of us." I have said it myself in the past, however, I really want to know! (*And those who TRULY WANT TO KNOW, GOD will tell.) When I attended Bible College, we were told very little about the end times in an in-depth way. When I graduated and began ministering, I started teaching about the end times to the church. I bought a book on the subject and just repeated what I read. I assumed the author knew what he was talking about. I went on a quest to REALLY study the scriptures and confirm if what I was teaching was true about a pre-tribulation rapture. So I sought God about the matter for 4 years. I cannot in any shape or form, find the pre-tribulation rapture in an HONEST scriptual Bible study. We might actually be here for a hard future. What might we face AND are we prepared for it? I sought God on the matter, He confirmed! He said, "Warn the People. You are a Watchman." But I wanted to be sure, so I tried contacting prophetical ministers on the internet. God was giving them visions lately. Many of them. Conclusion, the ears of todays real prophets are all hearing the same thing, Judgment is coming to America, the pre-tribulation teaching is ERROR. Christians in America are in for a hard future and do not even realize it! False Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, deceive, even the Elect, if that were possible. Matthew 24:24 My 2 cents The Elect are deceived! I believe we are NOW in what some refer to as 'the tribulation' period, or the time of Jacob's troubles. I do not believe in the 7 years theories. The bible is clear on 3.5 years. The bible also says the time will be shortened 'for the sake of the Elect.' In 2001 rabbis in Israel said we are now in the time of Jacob's troubles. They declared US President George W. Bush to be MAGOG. Heresay claims Magog is Bush's skull and bones name. See Ezekiel 38 There is NO Pre-Tribulation RAPTURE ESCAPE! Christians are being persecuted EVERYWHERE on Earth. The Bible nowhere says that Believers will leave Earth for 7 years or even 3.5 years. Michael Boldea, Dumitru Duduman's grandson had a dream of a California earthquake. It sounds like the Great California Earthquake could occur in 2008. Great California Earthquake coming, Boldea dream: The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the APOCALYPSE: What did Jesus Christ say? Matthew 24: RAPTURE: The REAL RAPTURE, Second Coming: